Copenhagen, Venice of the North, the dance of colors and the land of the free!


A colorful house in Copenhagen – June 2015

Copenhagen is among my top 10 favorite cities in the world. Safe, clean, peaceful, not overcrowded with a well-preserved old center of impressive Nordic architecture, vibrant color palette, friendly and polite people, creative and artistic free town of Christiania. I would love to live there forever if the weather were as good as Barcelona and the living cost were not cut-throat expensive! Nevertheless, I fall in love with Copenhagen again and again, every time I visit this incredible city…


Nyhavn – Venice of the North

Venice of the North

This refers to my favorite area in Copenhagen – Nyhavn, where amazingly beautiful colorful old houses paint a vibrant color palette by the canal-side and reflect its beauty on the clear water. I love to sit down by the canal on a sunny summer day with a beer can and a good company. I love to indulge myself in the sun and wind admiring the magnificent view and playing my favorite songs. I love to just sit there and do nothing but watch people passing by… Nyhavn looks like a small version of Venice, but less spoiled by tourists and more peaceful.


My favorite thing is to drink a beer with friends by Nyhavn, in the sunshine on a summer day

Interestingly, even though the prices for almost everything there is exorbitant, you can explore the beauty of Copenhagen canals for an incredibly unbeatable offer of 1 hour guided canal tour for 35-40DKK (approximately 5 EUR) from Nyhavn. Why is it unbeatable – because a Carlsberg beer in a cheap bar/club costs about the same, and even a sausage bread on the street costs that same price. Apart from that, comparing to Berlin which is extremely cheaper than Copenhagen, a similar 1 hour guided river tour costs twice as much (10 EUR). Don’t miss Nyhavn and the canal tour if you ever visit amazing Copenhagen!


Another glance of Nyhavn

The dance of colors

Not only Nyhavn, but the city is coated with vibrant colored houses and buildings which make me feel I am in a dancing fest of colors. I love to get lost in foreign streets and be charmed by warm color tones making me dancing in excitement. I love to just wander and be enchanted by wonderland streets, with romantic little houses with beautiful gardens, flowers or windows full of flower vases. Come visit Copenhagen especially in the autumn, and you will certainly fall in love with the red ivy coating beautiful buildings, or dance in a park with a red carpet of autumn leaves, just like I did.


A beautiful colorful house in a lively residential area

The land of the free

What also makes Copenhagen unique is the free town of Christiana – the land of the free. Christiania is a self-governed neighborhood inside Copenhagen. In order to live in Christiania, you need to get accepted by the whole community, conform to the rules  there and fit with the community’s culture. Christiania is full of street arts and graffiti, and truly a dance fest of colors and free spirit. You may never get tired from taking endless pictures in artistic and colorful Christiana, but keep in mind there is a specific area (which you will for sure recognize when you pass by) where people sell ‘soft drugs’ and you must not take pictures there. Otherwise, it could get violent. Nonetheless, Christiania is one of my favorite area in Copenhagen, a somewhat must-go place whenever I visit Copenhagen. ☺


Christiania – the main entrance

There are of course many other reasons why I love Copenhagen and will always come back for a visit. And I am certain I will again fall in love with other sides of your beauty, Copenhagen! ❤


A beautiful arch I encountered during my stroll around the city


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